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The E30 Racing Committee:

The Committee of E30 Racing Inc. was elected at the most recent Annual General meeting. The Committee has the responsibility for the management and operations of the club.

For further information regarding E30 Racing you can contact any of the following committee members:

President Jess Bell president@e30racing.com.au
Vice President Alex Jory vice.president@e30racing.com.au
Secretary Darryl O'Neill secretary@e30racing.com.au 
Treasurer Geoff Bowles  treasurer@e30racing.com.au
Membership Tim Freeman  memberships@e30racing.com.au
Marketing/PR Rory Plant  marketing@e30racing.com.au 
Technical Officer Brian Bourke  technical@e30racing.com.au 
Club/Track Liaison Graeme Bell clubs.tracks@e30racing.com.au 
Webmaster Donovan Mollenhagen webmaster@e30racing.com.au 

Photo by Andrew Green

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