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The Championship

The BMW Drivers Cup is the principal, individual driver’s championship for the E30 Racing category.

The BMW Drivers Cup is contested over a minimum of 6 Rounds, often including an interstate circuit. Each round will consist of a number of sprint races. A typical season will also consist of an endurance event. 

For each race, points are allocated based on finishing position. Points from all races are then added to give the round total. In order to maintain parity between race meetings that may have a different numbers of races, Championship points are then awarded to each competitor based on their round total.

Each competitor will be required to ‘drop’ their worst round result from the overall Championship point score.

Congratulations to joint 2023 winners, Royce Lyne and Brian Bourke, taking out the 2023 Garagistic BMW Drivers Cup Championship!

2023 Qualifying Champion: Royce Lyne #4

2023 Rookie Champion: Seth Burchartz #901

Club Spirit Award recipient: Ryan Carter

We would like to thank our principal series sponsor Garagistic, BMW Drivers Club Melbourne and Traction Tyres & Suspension, as well as the competitors for putting on some fantastic racing this year.

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Past Winners

Hotly contested since 2001, there have been 15 different winners of the BMW Drivers Cup for E30 Racing. This includes several drivers who have gone on to dominate other series such as Improved Production. E30 Racing honours the past and present champions of our category:


Royce Lyne & Brian Bourke
Alex Jory
Alex Jory
2019Jeremy Payne
2018Chris Bell
2017 Michael Holdcroft
2016 Sean Bell
2015 Sean Bell
2014 Sean Bell
2013 Alan Saint
2012 Alan Saint
2011 Rob Braune
2010 Matt Martin
2009 Craig Munro
2008 Craig Munro
2007 Craig Munro
2006 Nathan Geier
2005 Neil Anderson
2004 Andrew Fuller
2003 David Knight
2002 Graeme Bell
2001 Chris Seidler

2023 Garagistic BMW Drivers Cup Champions

#4 Royce Lyne and #27 Brian Bourke

2023 Rookie Champion, #901 Seth Burchartz

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