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E30 Racing

Welcome to the home of the BMW Drivers Cup, E30 Racing. 



E30 Racing was established in 2000 by a group of BMW enthusiasts. The aim was to devise a race series for BMWs that would be affordable, enjoyable and competitive.

The series is a one-make racing series for the classic BMW E30 3-series coupe or sedan from the 1980’s. Predominantly based on the 325i model specifications, only limited modifications are permitted in order to provide an enjoyable, affordable entry-level touring car category. The aim is to provide close competition and to emphasise driver ability rather than driver expenditure.

An 80’s icon of motoring, the BMW’s catch-phrase for the E30 3-series was the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. 2001 was the inaugural year of “E30 Racing” as it has become known. Since then numbers have grown significantly, new friendships have been born and the competition and rivalry has become passionate.

In the early years, E30 Racing had to compete within other categories, such as Improved Production, against much more powerful and heavily modified V8s and turbocharged rotaries. In more recent years, the increased numbers of competitors in the category have also facilitated E30 racing-only grids. The series provides a great opportunity for new drivers to obtain skills and learn race-craft amongst similar vehicles and against drivers who share the aims of affordable and enjoyable racing.

Many of the E30 Racing cars are still registered under the VicRoads Club permit scheme, which gives the flexibility to drive the vehicles on public roads as well as enter other motorsport competition events. The official title of the series is the "BMW Drivers Cup“.

The BMW Drivers Cup is usually contested across Victoria and NSW, with a mix of rounds under the auspices of both Motorsport Australia (formerly CAMS) and the Australian Auto-Sport Alliance (AASA). In some years the championship will venture to other states such as New South Wales, South Australia or Tasmania. When the cars hit the track, it is obvious that more cars are now challenging for the podium. The closeness of lap-times between the fastest and slowest cars is bound to continue the excitement from the racing we have seen so far.

E30 Racing Inc. (ABN 93 432 017 512) is the legal entity behind E30 Racing and the BMW Driver‘s Cup, and has sole responsibility for the approval of the regulations and representing competitors in the category. E30 Racing Inc. is a Motorsport Australia member club, with Motorsport Australia affiliation allowing members of E30 Racing to utilise their club membership for race meeting entries.

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