Our Sponsors


Yokohama Tyres & Traction Tyre Centre (http://www.tractiontyres.com.au/) have continued their longstanding support of E30 Racing and are the official supplier of the E30 Racing control tyre - the reliable Yokohama AO50. Established in 1982, Traction Tyre Centre has been supplying tyres to the motorsport industry for over 3 decades, and has twice won Yokohama's prestigious 'Dealer of the Year' award in 1996 and 2003 respectively.


Garagistic (garagistic.com) are our newest sponsor of E30 Racing becoming our Principal Sponsor for the 2018 Series. Garagistic are a manufacturer and supplier of BMW performance parts (E30 in particular) and are an active participant in our E30 Racing Membership Rewards Program.